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For the owners behind the businesses we serve, and for the financially independent, this is critically important.


Although filing personal tax returns is vital, we recognize it is only part of a large, integrated whole, especially for families with business interests.


As a result, we emphasize comprehensive planning and compliance to minimize overall tax, maximize asset protection, and help you plan for your future.


International Tax


Whether you are a nonresident alien investing in real estate in the Resorts area, or purchasing a business to enable immigration to the US (e.g., on an E-2 Visa), we are here to help you with pre-purchase planning, post-purchase tax compliance, and business acquisition due diligence process.


If you are a nonresident alien selling your US real property, we can also help you mitigate the FIRPTA impact (withholding, usually 15%).


A unique and complex area, international tax has been and remains a considerable part of our total practice.


Our experience is your advantage here.

Tax Representation


When a tax agency (e.g., IRS) is questioning your return, we step in as your advocate.


Always recognizing the possibility of a tax audit (a "controversy"), we consider your tax positions and defenses in all our services, from the planning stage through the filing of your returns.


Our advice to you is privileged and confidential from the IRS (under §7525 IRC) and we make great efforts to ensure such advice receives the statutory protection it deserves.



We stay on top of fast-moving developments so you can stay in compliance with the often-complex tax filing requirements applicable to your business.


Our best advice often comes during the tax preparation process - we don't just prepare returns.  We prepare YOU.

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