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Consent to Receive Electronic Communications 
1. Consent to electronic communication.  By Default, all Engagements are subject to this Consent to Receive Electronic Communications (“Consent”), which details Clients' consent to electronic delivery of Communications relating to our professional relationship with them.  References to “we” or “us” herein refers to RALLIS * SEGUNDO, P. A. and its affiliates, as applicable.   Procedures to opt-out of this Consent are described below.

1.1 Scope of consent. Clients agree that any Communication we provide may be in electronic form, and that all Communications in electronic format from us to Clients will be considered “in writing.” Consent to receive Communications electronically applies to all Communications relating to our Engagement. Clients also agree that we do not need to provide an additional paper (non-electronic) copy of any Communications unless specifically requested as described below. Clients should print or download a copy of any Communication that is important to them. This Consent does not require us to deliver Communications electronically, and we may provide paper copies of Communications at our discretion. “Communications” means all notices, disclosures (including those required by law), agreements, fee schedules, tax returns, financial statements, records, documents, account statements, or other information we may provide. 

1.2 Method of delivery. We may provide electronic Communications to Clients in at least one of the following methods: (A) via email to the email address provided to us; (B) via our website; or (C) using commercially developed third-party apps or platforms such as Adobe Share / Adobe Sign, etc., Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.

1.3 Hardware and software requirements. To access Communications electronically, Clients must have an internet connection and their own email account with related software to access such email account, a program that accurately reads and displays PDF files, and a device with an operating system capable of supporting all the above. 

Clients need a printer if they wish to print and retain paper records or electronic storage if they wish to retain records in electronic form. 

1.4 Obtaining paper copies. Clients have a right to receive a paper copy of Communications.  Clients may request paper copies of Communications by calling 407-812-8490.  We must receive such request within a reasonable time (generally, not longer than 90 days) after we first provided the Communication to the Client.  Reasonable charges for printing, reproduction, postage, etc. may apply in addition to applicable professional fees incurred during the Engagement.

1.5 Withdrawing consent and updating information.  To withdraw consent to receive Communications electronically or for email address changes, Clients must notify us in writing at the following address: 4053 Summerwood Avenue, Orlando, Florida  32812 or electronically to tax @

If a Client fails to notify us of a change in email address, any Communications sent via email will be deemed to have been provided or made available to you in electronic form as of the send date (Eastern time) recorded in our systems.

If a Client chooses to withdraw consent to receive Communications electronically, they may be unable to access certain features or functionality included with such Communications.  

1.6 Confidentiality/Limitation of Liability.  Clients understand that Communications are confidential in nature. We are not responsible for unauthorized access by third parties to information and/or communications provided electronically or for any damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, caused by unauthorized access. For questions about these disclosures, contact us by telephone at 407-812-8490 or via email to tax @

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